4 Reasons to Choose Shade Sails Over Umbrellas for Outside Entertaining

If you want to create a shaded outdoor space for entertaining, you might want to consider a shade sail instead of umbrellas. These are suspended above an area on a few support masks to stretch a piece of fabric horizontally above you, and they come with several great benefits. Here are just four reasons you should choose coastal shade sails over umbrellas for your outside entertaining space.   1. Greater Coverage [Read More]

Three Methods for Increasing the Amount of Light at the Rear of a Home

All homes benefit from a lighter and airier feel with more natural sunlight coming in. Not only does it make a house less drab to live in, but more light also makes your home's potential sales price that much higher. If you'd like to increase the amount of light your home enjoys to the rear – especially if your back garden faces south – then read on. All of the methods described below are tried and tested ways of making your home lighter. [Read More]

How to Choose the Right Blinds for Your Home

Window coverings are an important part of your home decor. This aesthetic treatment serves numerous functions from privacy to beautification. Blinds are a commonly used covering that provides both privacy and light reduction. They also come in a variety of patterns to satisfy different tastes and needs. So, how do you choose the right blinds for your home?  Space The area where you are installing your blinds will determine which kind of blinds are right for your home. [Read More]

The advantages of shade sails in the Australian summertime

One of the great joys of living in Australia is the amount of sunshine that the country gets during the summer months. This means that long days spent out in the garden, playing with the kids, sipping on fruity drinks and maybe having a dip in the pool are a regular staple of Australian summer weekends. Although all that time spent in the sunshine can be a lot of fun, there is no denying that spending too much time in the sun can be very harmful, increasing the risk of things like exhaustion, sunburn and even skin cancer. [Read More]