How To Choose The Finish For Your Kitchen Cabinet Handles

If you're renovating your kitchen, you're probably swamped with options. Cabinets, splashbacks, glass or tile, flooring, stone or timber—the choices seem endless. Now you have come to the cabinets and handles; which finish should you choose for the handles? To narrow your options and reach a decision, consider two things: the style of your kitchen cabinets and handles and the metal finishes of other elements within the kitchen. The Kitchen Cabinet Style Will Limit Your Choices [Read More]

Why Concrete Tiles Are Always the Best Option for Your Bathroom Floor Project

Are you in the middle of planning a bathroom renovation? If so, you may be considering a range of different materials, especially when it comes to the floor. You may be thinking about laying some tiles, but may have narrowed it down to ceramic. Why should you think again and consider concrete tiles instead? Water—What Water? The bathroom represents one of the "harshest" environments in the house. Because of this, you need to be sure that all the materials used can put up with this constant onslaught, remain in good condition and provide the necessary line of defence against moisture. [Read More]

3 Simple And Effective Ways To Incorporate The Vintage Floral Trend Into Your Home's Interior

After several years of neutral and minimalist colour schemes dominating the interior design market, you may see the rising popularity of more colourful palettes as a welcome change. Many homeowners have started to re-embrace bolder and brighter colours and patterns to liven up the interior of their home. A huge trend in interior fabrics is vintage florals. This look includes soft, elegant florals that incorporate roses and lilies, through to more adventurous florals that use retro tropical flowers and pineapples. [Read More]

3 Things to Know Before Buying from a Kitchen Wholesale Company

Starting a kitchen renovation will likely include your kitchen cabinets. This means choosing everything from the kitchen cabinets themselves to kitchen countertops. One of your options is to go with a kitchen wholesale company for your supplies. If this is something you are considering, here are three things you should know before you buy. Prefabricated Options When you purchase from a kitchen wholesale, you will be choosing from a wide variety of prefabricated cabinets and countertops. [Read More]