3 Simple And Effective Ways To Incorporate The Vintage Floral Trend Into Your Home's Interior

After several years of neutral and minimalist colour schemes dominating the interior design market, you may see the rising popularity of more colourful palettes as a welcome change. Many homeowners have started to re-embrace bolder and brighter colours and patterns to liven up the interior of their home.

A huge trend in interior fabrics is vintage florals. This look includes soft, elegant florals that incorporate roses and lilies, through to more adventurous florals that use retro tropical flowers and pineapples. If you'd like to incorporate some vintage florals into your home, then here are three effective and beautiful ways that you can do so.

1. Vintage floral curtains

Curtains in the home are ultimately there to serve a functional purpose, creating privacy and adding an insulative layer to windows. They also make a big contribution to the overall style of a room and simply changing your curtains can give the room an entirely new look.

Adding curtains that use a vintage floral fabric is a fantastic way to add a splash of colour and visual interest to an otherwise neutral room. It's also a very cost-effective way to update a room without any major redecorating work. If the idea of full floral curtains is a little too much for your tastes, try adding a strip of floral fabric along the bottom or centre edges of your curtains.

2. Vintage floral cushion covers

A neutral sofa is another blank canvas that you can change the look of dramatically by simply updating the cushion covers. It's an inexpensive and incredibly easy way to revamp the look of your sofa and can easily be changed if your tastes change over time.

Cushions provide a great opportunity to have fun with colour and pattern. You can choose a variety of different vintage floral fabrics to mix and match for an eclectic and boho look. While there are no strict rules about choosing fabrics, try to pick a selection that has a single colour in common in each fabric. This helps to keep the look visually cohesive rather than too chaotic.

3. Vintage floral light shades

Lighting is an important element in interior design and it's essential for creating the right mood and light control in each room in the home. Although light shades are relatively small in comparison to other design features, they're a great candidate for an upgrade if you want to use vintage florals in a subtle and understated way.

Replacing the light shades on your table lamps and ceiling lights with a store-bought floral shade is the quickest way to change the look. If you're into arts and craft, you can even remodel your old light shades by covering your existing shades with a floral fabric of your choice using a heat-resistant craft glue.