Four Ways A Florist Can Help You With A Baby Shower

Baby showers are a great way to celebrate the birth of a new baby. It's a time for friends and family to get together, share the news, and help prepare for the arrival of the new baby. Florists and flowers play an important role in helping make baby showers memorable. 

If you're hosting a baby shower, the right flowers can help set the mood and add an elegant touch to the event. A floral centrepiece can be a huge part of your design strategy, as well as a great photo opportunity for guests.

Here are some ways florists can help with your baby shower:

1. A Florist Can Create Arrangements That Match Your Theme

If you're hosting a whimsical shower with a lot of DIY décor, consider using small bunches of mixed flowers or single blooms in simple vases or jars to complement the look. For something more traditional, go with classic roses and hydrangeas or other favourite flowers in large arrangements that will stand out from afar.

2. A Florist Can Use Flowers In Unexpected Ways

You can incorporate floral elements into other aspects of the party by wrapping balloons with ribbon or creating custom napkin rings out of gardenias and ferns. Use natural branches to create an arbor as an entranceway or to hang over tables at your party venue (just be sure they won't crush any decorations!).

3. A Florist Will Choose Seasonal Blooms That Reflect Your Baby Showers Theme's Colours And Style 

If you're having a baby shower in the spring or summer, try going with bright colours like reds, yellows and pinks. If your baby shower is scheduled for autumn or wintertime, opt for cooler tones such as greens and blues. A professional florist can help you choose the perfect flowers to match your colour scheme. The florist will also be able to help you decide on the best type of blooms. For instance, if you're hosting an outdoor baby shower, consider using plants that can withstand different weather conditions such as roses, hydrangeas and daisies.

4. A Florist Can Provide Flowers For The Guest Of Honour

This might include something simple like a single rose or something more elaborate like a floral crown or wreath. If you're going for something more unique, your florist can help you choose something that matches both your budget as well as the personality of the mother-to-be.

You will be surprised by how much help a florist can be when planning a baby shower. Chat with your local florist about what they can do to help you with your baby shower ideas.