Automated Window Coverings: Three Critical Considerations for Motor Selection

If you are planning on replacing your current window coverings, you should think about installing motorised treatments. These products are ideal because they enhance convenience in the home. In simple terms, they are automated, so there is no need for manual manipulation. Also, the absence of cords and chains reduces hazards in the house, and the advanced control can promote better energy efficiency. If you are purchasing automated coverings for the first time, you might find the motor selection process challenging due to the numerous options from manufacturers like Somfy. [Read More]

3 Long-Lasting Floral Arrangements You Can Give To A Loved One

Sending flowers to a loved one is as popular today as it has ever been. It may be as a congratulatory gesture, to celebrate a special birthday or anniversary, to console someone during a time of sickness or bereavement or simply just to say that you're thinking of them. Floral arrangements come in a wide range of varieties and sizes and it can be difficult to choose the right blooms. As well as looking and smelling beautiful, it's good to choose flowers that will last for longer than the average arrangement. [Read More]

How to Keep Your External Window Awnings Looking Spiffy

If you are looking for a home improvement project that will give you a high return on investment without having to break the bank, you should definitely consider installing exterior window awnings. By providing shade over your windows, exterior window awnings block unwanted solar heat gain into the home through the windows. In addition, these window coverings can help to minimise exposure to the sun's harmful ultraviolet light as well as excessive glare from the sun. [Read More]

3 Things to Consider When Getting Your First Embroidery Machine

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in the field of embroidery and sewing, the task of choosing the most appropriate embroidery machine for your home sewing duties could become a challenge, particularly if you are doing it for the first time. Each manufacturer usually showers you with praises regarding their product, and let's face it, this can get a little overwhelming at times. The truth of the matter is,  every embroidery machine has the same basic features. [Read More]