3 Long-Lasting Floral Arrangements You Can Give To A Loved One

Sending flowers to a loved one is as popular today as it has ever been. It may be as a congratulatory gesture, to celebrate a special birthday or anniversary, to console someone during a time of sickness or bereavement or simply just to say that you're thinking of them.

Floral arrangements come in a wide range of varieties and sizes and it can be difficult to choose the right blooms. As well as looking and smelling beautiful, it's good to choose flowers that will last for longer than the average arrangement. Here are three gorgeous flowers that will provide your loved one with lasting beauty.

1. Lilies

Lilies are a stunning, elegant and classic flower that makes a delightful gift. Although, traditionally, lilies have been associated with funerals and mourning, these days they are commonly given for many other occasions as well. You can opt for a lovely and simple white lily or choose from the many other shades that are currently grown in Australia.

Lilies make a great long lasting gift because the blooms will stay fresh for many days in a vase. They also generally come with several unopened flowers, which means as the open blooms fade, the new ones will open and spread the beauty over many days.

2. Orchids

Orchids are a stunning oriental flower that is delicate and ornate. However, their delicate appearance belies their durability and the blooms can last for many months. Although it's possible to send cut orchids, they are generally sold as living plants that are in a pot with soil.

Potted orchids make a wonderful housewarming gift or a gift for a loved one who likes flowers but prefers potted plants in the home. The orchid plant will survive for many years with a little bit of care and attention, making a gift that keeps on giving.

3. Native flowers

Another long-lasting option is to create a bouquet using Australian native flowering plants. These plants have evolved to survive in the often harsh Australian climate so they're naturally long-lasting and will survive for many weeks in a vase with minimal attention.

Flowers such as banksia, protea, wattle and flannel flower varieties will create a colourful and textural flower arrangement. Add some extra colour and texture with some fronds of green eucalyptus leaves, gum nuts or bracken fern.

These beautiful floral arrangements can be ordered either online for non-local deliveries or through your local florist if you'd like to deliver them to your loved one yourself.