Automated Window Coverings: Three Critical Considerations for Motor Selection

If you are planning on replacing your current window coverings, you should think about installing motorised treatments. These products are ideal because they enhance convenience in the home. In simple terms, they are automated, so there is no need for manual manipulation. Also, the absence of cords and chains reduces hazards in the house, and the advanced control can promote better energy efficiency. If you are purchasing automated coverings for the first time, you might find the motor selection process challenging due to the numerous options from manufacturers like Somfy. Here are some considerations to help you choose the best motor component for your application.

Window Motor Durability

You should evaluate and compare different window covering motors before making your purchase. This unit will be responsible for the operation of the treatment. If the quality of the component is poor, your coverings will not work as expected and might fail prematurely. In general, you should avoid overly cheap motors which are not provided by reliable manufacturers. Instead, look for a quality product from an exceptional brand. While the cost will be higher, you will get good value. You should also check the warranty provided by the motor supplier. A complete or limited warranty will guarantee replacement if the component fails prematurely.

Compatible Treatments

You should not purchase a motor before understanding the type of window treatments that it can support. In simple terms, motors are not compatible will all window covering products such as blinds, shades and drapes in the market. You should remember that almost every solution can be automated, but motors are limited in the number of coverings that they will work with well. If you choose the wrong option, you might have to install a design that you do not want in your house. Ideally, you should discuss the details of your home with your supplier so that they can assist in identifying a compatible motor. 

Remote Control Options

Finally, you should think about your remote control options. Your motorised window treatments will need to be operated from a device or gadget. It is essential to choose the most appropriate control product for your requirements and lifestyle. Typically, all motors come with a simple remote to open and close the windows while you're inside the house. However, it pays to select an automation product which will offer you other options. For example, you can choose a product with a smartphone application for remote control. This feature is beneficial if you want to be able to operate the covering when away from your house.