Easy ways of Getting Stubborn Pet Hair off a Carpet

Pet hair stuck on carpets is a common occurrence in homes that have furry pets. Vacuuming might take off some of the hair, but with time, pet hairs might get embedded on the carpet, and removing it becomes a challenge. There are a few hacks that professional carpet cleaners recommend for the easy removal of pet hairs from carpets 

Using a sponge for pet hair removal

The method is best for houses with low pile carpets.  The tools needed for this cleaning hack include a kitchen sponge, a vacuum, and a spray bottle containing water. After vacuuming the carpet, water is sprayed onto the mop. The wet mop is then dragged across the floor, and all the pet hairs clump together, making it easy to pick or vacuum them away.  Wet mops cannot be used on high pile carpets because of the residual dampness.

Using Fabric Softener

The cleaners use fabric softener, water a spray bottle and a vacuum cleaner to carry out this hack. One part of the fabric softener is mixed with three parts of water. The mixture is then put in the spray bottle and used to mist the carpet. The carpet is then allowed to dry, after which vacuuming is done. The fabric softener loosens pet hairs, making them easy to vacuum off the mat.

Using Baking soda

All that is needed for this method is a vacuum cleaner and a little baking soda. The carpet cleaner then sprinkles a light coating of baking soda on the carpet and lets it sit for a few minutes. The rug is then cleaned typically, using the vacuum. An added advantage with this hack is that it deodorises the room.

Using a carpet rake and a strong suction vacuum

Berber carpets are the hardest to remove pet hairs from because of the thickness of the fibres. Tools that are needed for this procedure include a carpet rake and a vacuum with strong suction. The rake combs through the carpet fibres, removing hair and dander from pets. The vacuum cleaner is then used to suction off the dirt.

Carpet cleaning experts usually have all the right equipment for efficient removal of pet hair from all carpet types, thicknesses and styles. The competent ones even have special vacuum cleaners that are specially designed to remove pet hair from carpets. Allowing professionals to clean pet hair from carpets assures the owners that it will be done thoroughly and that the rug will serve them for long.