4 Reasons to Choose a Shower Screen Over a Shower Curtain for Your Wet Room

Wet rooms are becoming increasingly popular. Since they provide an extra shower room in a very tight space, it isn't hard to see why. They are completely sealed, so it technically doesn't matter if water splashes everywhere, but most people like using a screen or curtain to keep a small section of the floor dry and prevent splashes hitting the mirror and other items. So, should you go for a curtain or a screen?

Curtains come with very few advantages—here are just four reasons to fit your wet room with a shower screen instead.

1. Keep the Space Open

By their very nature, wet rooms are small spaces. As such, you'll want to keep yours looking as open as possible. A shower screen does just that, since they are transparent. You'll divide up the space and keep water where it belongs, but there will be no visual barrier. The same isn't true of a shower curtain. When drawn shut, shower curtains make a small room seem much smaller. When they are pulled back, they bunch unattractively in a corner.

2. Make Cleaning Easier

Cleaning a shower curtain is hard. In fact, it's next to impossible unless you remove all the rings and wash it. A shower screen is remarkably easy to clean. Since it's made from extremely tough glass, you only need to spray it a few times with a cleaner and wipe it down. Remember, leaving a shower curtain uncleaned will produce a dingy appearance and result in unpleasant odours. If you leave a shower screen uncleaned, it just develops more water marks.

3. Shower More Comfortably

One of the worst things about shower curtains is feeling them stick against your body when you're showering. The feeling is unpleasant, and it stops you washing yourself properly. Unfortunately, it's easier for a shower curtain to stick against your body in a wet room because you have less space in which to move. You won't encounter the same problem with shower screens.

4. Keep the Floor Dry

Shower curtains can keep a lot of water off the floor of your wet room, but not all of it. A shower curtain billows slightly, so there's no seal at the bottom. That precious dry area you wanted to get changed in will probably end up a little damp itself. A shower screen creates a seal at its bottom, so rogue drips and puddles aren't an issue.  

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