Investing in energy efficient constructions

Owning a home is a huge dream for many people. If you have been thinking about building, and are looking for green building alternatives, you will need to do a little more research than the person putting up a regular building. There is a number of alternative building materials which are easier to build with and more energy efficient than bricks. If you are thinking about building a green custom home, the following will be good building material choices.

Mud brick buildings

Mud bricks are a building material which came from the Spanish. They are also known as adobe, which stands for sun-dried mud blocks. The blocks can be used in both load bearing and non-load bearing constructions. There was a time when it would have been really hard to access these blocks, but it is now very easy to get commercially available mud bricks, both as stabilised and non-stabilised bricks. The bricks are made with earth that has more than half of the soil composition being clay.

Why builders are looking for this building material

There are several other reasons to opt for mud bricks as opposed to concrete blocks. First is the fact that it is a very green construction material; they utilise natural resources without the need for manufactured materials. The material also has great sound absorption capacity, which eliminates the need to sound proof your house after construction. The material has also been proven to have a high thermal mass, and its insulation abilities are as good as those of concrete building materials.

The poured earth construction alternative

It is also possible to use poured earth as a building material instead of creating bricks. The composite that is used to create this building material has soil as the main component. The soil is typically mixed with plaster or calcined gypsum instead of cement. The walls can be installed without need for any form of reinforcement. The forms which create the walls are put in place and the soil is poured. After the material has set, the moulds or forms are removed, leaving behind the completed wall.

These are the two green building materials which are old, but haven't been used as much as they should in construction. If you are looking for an alternative building material which will be environmental friendly and sustainable, think about mud bricks or poured earth. The best way to get buildings from these materials is by contacting a building contractor who understands them perfectly. They will install an environmental-friendly and unique building for you.