Three Methods for Increasing the Amount of Light at the Rear of a Home

All homes benefit from a lighter and airier feel with more natural sunlight coming in. Not only does it make a house less drab to live in, but more light also makes your home's potential sales price that much higher. If you'd like to increase the amount of light your home enjoys to the rear – especially if your back garden faces south – then read on. All of the methods described below are tried and tested ways of making your home lighter.

1. Install French Doors

As their name suggests, French doors are popular all over continental Europe. They are also a big favourite in the UK and North America and it is easy to understand why. With a pair of French doors, you can open up the rear of your property fully so that the back garden can be enjoyed more readily. Even when they are closed, the large expanse of glazing they afford means that more sunlight can come into your home. What's more, French doors can be easily provided with a window treatment which will match your existing glazing so that you can maintain privacy when wanted. French doors are made from various materials to form their frames including wood, PVC and aluminium to name but three. They are secure and can be fitted with multi-point locks if wanted to give you complete peace of mind.

2. Fit Bi-Folding Doors

Another popular choice, bi-folding doors provide floor-to-ceiling panes which make the most of south-facing aspects which don't see much light. Although they are not always as stylish as French doors, bi-folding ones really come into their own when they are fully opened. If they are made to face onto a terrace or a patio, for example, then they can really make your garden and the rear-facing section of your home feel as though they are one – this is ideal for creating a social zone in your property for parties and family gatherings. Bi-folding doors usually run along a groove to keep them in place which means you have to look out for debris falling in.

3. Consider Light Pipes

If you do not have the opportunity to put windows or glazed doors at the back of your home – perhaps because you adjoin another property – then you can always get more natural light in from elsewhere. If skylights are not an option, then install light pipes. These collect sunlight from the roof and convey it to where you need it through a highly polished tube which acts as a reflector. You cannot see outside through them but they certainly make dark corners seem less drab!