2 Stunning Window Dressings For A Minimalist Style Home

In the world of interior design, trends change frequently from season to season and year to year. However, there are some trends that are more enduring than others that remain popular for many years. Minimalism is one of these enduring trends and it's been a desired look in modern Australian homes for several years. Minimalism embraces simple, clean lines and a serene clutter-free look. There are many specific home decor products that are ideal for creating a minimalist look in your home and this includes window dressings. [Read More]

Elements Contributing to the Resilience of Plantation Shutters in Modern Home Design

When it comes to improvements that will enhance the visual interest and functionality of your living space, you likely do not prioritise upgrading your window furnishings. What most homeowners do is wait until their drapery has started to show signs of complete disrepair for them to begin shopping for new window treatments. However, if you are tired with how humdrum your interiors have started to look, a good place to start would be your window treatments since the right furnishings will not only improve the appeal of your living space but can also dramatically enhance the efficiency of your windows. [Read More]

The Benefits You Will Enjoy With Ziptrak Awnings

Ziptrak awnings are not only an addition to your outdoor living space, they are an asset to your home. Awnings are available in different colours, shapes, and materials. They can also be either retractable or fixed. Whether you fix them over your windows, or in your backyard, you can enjoy numerous benefits of using ziptrak awnings. Protects Your Home From the Elements One of the main benefits of using ziptrak awnings is for protection against the elements. [Read More]

Are Walk-In Wardrobes Really Worth It?

When considering a remodelling project of your home that will involve your bedrooms, it is often tempting to stick to the current layout and maybe only slightly rearrange the configuration of the upper floor. However, shifting an internal wall to increase the size of one bedroom by taking space from a guest room or a bathroom is not necessarily the best use of the available area. All too often, bedrooms are increased in size only for the available space to be immediately taken up by free-standing wardrobes. [Read More]