4 Critical Factors To Consider Before Renting A Self-Storage Unit

Storage units are a great solution if you want to store your belongings during events like remodelling, relocation or extended travel. You can also rent them when you want to declutter your home without losing your valuable possessions. 

If you're renting a self-storage unit for the first time, chances are you don't know how to approach the process. But don't worry. Here are the four most important factors to consider. 

Consider the Best Storage Option for You

There are two main storage options available for you: full-service storage and self-storage. With full-service storage, the company offers you more than just storage space. They will collect your belongings from wherever you are and take them to the storage facility. You can also ask them to deliver the things back to your home. Other services in full-service facilities include taking photos and documenting your belongings, so you're always aware of what's in storage.

The self-storage option is the more popular between the two. Here, you are responsible for delivering your things to the storage facility. You can also document your items if you want to keep track of what's inside the storage unit. Because there is more work involved on your part, self-storage is often cheaper than the full-service option. 

Consider What Size You Need

You don't want to pay for storage space that you don't need. Therefore, try your best to accurately estimate the space needed. How many boxes do you have? What about furniture? What kind of equipment needs to be stored? 

If you are going with the self-storage option, there are multiple 'storage unit diagrams' online that can give you an idea about how to arrange your items in the storage unit. The key thing is to pack tight, without leaving any empty spaces. Also, consider whether you want to access some of your stuff regularly. If so, you will want to pack those things in a way that they are easily accessible. 

Consider Your Budget

How much to pay your self-storage company will depend on various factors like the storage unit's size, the length of your rental, and the service option you have chosen. While most facilities offer month-to-month contracts, you could benefit from a discount by signing a long-term storage contract. 

Additionally, most self-storage companies offer extra services like packing supplies, storage bins, moving assistance and climate-controlled storage units. These extra services may come with extra charges, so you'll need to consider if they are included in the price. 

Check What Can be Stored

Most household and business items can be stored in self-storage units. These include appliances, electronics, clothing, furniture and files. Some facilities even offer storage space for vehicles, including RVs and boats. 

However, you may not be allowed to store anything dangerous, toxic or alive. These include flammable or combustible items, hazardous materials, foods and living things. Before paying for your self-storage space, confirm whether or not your items can be stored. 

Reach out to a local self-storage unit facility to learn more.