Do Shutters Improve Home Security?

The simple answer to the question of whether or not shutters help to improve home security is yes, they do. Of course, any window treatment is only going to help with home security, and these products should not be seen as security measures in their own right. They are not the same as surveillance cameras, after all. However, when they are fitted by experts, products like plantation shutters can help to beef up the security of your property. How exactly do they achieve this?

A Physical Barrier

To begin with, shutters are made of solid materials, such as wood or PVC. This means that, unlike roller blinds or curtains, for example, they cannot simply be pushed aside. Consequently, when you have them installed as window treatments inside your home, you can create a physical barrier that a potential intruder would have to get past in order to break into your home. Importantly, they will give you this sort of protection whether or not you have your windows open so long as you lock them into position. If you compare that level of protection to something like a Roman blind, for instance, then there can be little doubt that shutters offer a much higher level of domestic security.

Greater Privacy

Please note that shuttered windows are not just good at preventing unwarranted access into a home but they also stop people from snooping inside. Many household burglaries are opportunist thefts, so it is a good idea to prevent clear lines of sight into your home from the outside. If nothing valuable can be spotted by a criminal, then it is much less likely that he or she will attempt to get inside to take it. Some other window treatments, such as Venetian blinds, for example, don't always prevent prying eyes from seeing inside.

The Deterrent Effect

Of course, it is possible to force a set of shutters open if someone comes equipped with the right tools. However, having to smash or force a window open only to have to jemmy something solid out of the way would mean taking more time and creating more noise. Since most burglars like to get in and out quickly to avoid detection, they are more likely to target a home with an easier way in instead of your property.

Shutter Alarms

Finally, it is possible to purchase contact alarms that work with windows and shutters. These are armed when you pull them together and will sound if they are forced apart. However, you can turn them off from the inside so you can open up without any problems at all. These sorts of products won't work with curtains, however.

To order shutters for your home, talk to a home store in your area.