What Are Day and Night Blinds & Why Should You Use Them?

From Venetian to Roman and from aluminium to timber, there are a whole host of blind options available, and you're probably familiar with most of them. However, you might not have heard about day and night blinds, which are sometimes known as 'vision blinds' or 'twist blinds'.

So, what are day and night blinds, and why should you consider them for your home?

How Day and Night Blinds Work

Day and night blinds might at first look much like a common roller blind. However, they come with a key difference: two separate layers of fabric that are patterned with special horizontal stripes. One of those stripes will be translucent, while the other will be opaque. These stripes can be moved independently past one another, giving you the option to differ the amount of sun that can enter your home at any given moment.

Now you understand how day and night blinds work, it's easy to understand the advantages that installing them can provide.

Customizable Sunlight

The control provided by day and night blinds is clearly the most compelling benefit they possess. You'll be able to reduce glare when you're watching TV or let all the light you want flow into your room. If you want to take in the view from your window without letting in all the sunshine, your day and night blinds can make it happen.

Customizable Privacy

More precise control over the amount of sunlight that enters your home is only one of the advantages presented by day and night blinds. You'll also be able to increase or decrease your level of privacy at will. By adjusting the level of transparently, you can comfortable set exactly how much anyone viewing from outside can see, all without necessarily having to shut out the light altogether.

Customizable Appearance

Day and night blinds tend to be used in more modern homes, and so they will generally fit around contemporary styling. You should be able to find day and night blinds that possess a striking appearance, and there are a whole range of available fabrics from which to choose. Better yet, you can subtly shift the character of a room by adjusting the transparency level.

Customizable Fit

Finally, keep in mind that day and nights, as a more upscale type of blind, are almost always offered made to measure. This can be tricky with some blinds, but day and night blinds can be custom made around the exact dimensions you require to achieve a perfect fit.