Creating a little green life: Three tips to help you create the ideal garden for your tiny home

Tiny living can be a little claustrophobic if you don't have an active outdoors lifestyle- and a beautiful garden to complement your tiny home. If you're working to create the ideal garden space for your tiny home, check out this quick guide.

Grow up to maximise your limited space

If your outdoor space is just as limited as indoor, you'll need to get creative to craft the ultimate garden for your tiny needs! Harness vertical space by using trellises, wall baskets and hanging pots to plant a variety of attractive flowering plants, edibles and climbing evergreens. Not only will vertical gardening provide your tiny home with shade and privacy, your plants will also benefit from increased yield, less susceptibility to pests and greater air circulation. From a tiny home gardener's point of view, you'll have an easier harvest and greater water conservation with a vertical garden. Hanging herb gardens are particularly handy for the avid kitchen gardener, and when placed near the kitchen door, can be the ultimate in fast food!

Eat what you grow

For those tiny home occupants aiming for a sustainable and ecological lifestyle, the edible kitchen garden really is a must-have. Whether your garden space is limited or not, growing food to feed yourself and your family or friends is a rewarding, cost-effective and ultra-sustainable act. You're only limited by your imagination when planting a kitchen garden for your tiny home lifestyle. You may opt for an expansive veggie patch, an orchard of carefully-selected hybrid fruit trees, or continue your minimalist ethos with a food tower or an indoor wall-mounted hydroponic system. If you are new to the area or to growing edibles, chat with your local experienced nursery assistant for advice on what grows best in your local climate.

Create a shady retreat

Planting saplings on your tiny home block is a lovely way to connect your future plans with the land around you. By planting your favourite trees in your tiny home yard today, you are promising your future self and your family or friends a shady retreat in the years to come. Leafy trees also provide added privacy as they grow, making them the perfect natural partitions. If you're impatient and keen to spend more time outside your tiny home, you may want to consider screening a portion of your porch off to create an outdoor living area that feels like an extension of your home.

For more information on selecting the best plants and trees for your tiny home garden space, chat with friendly local wholesale nursery specialists today for expert horticultural advice.