Features to Integrate If You Are Designing a Wine Cabinet

If you love great wine, you need a place to store and display it, and a wine cabinet may be ideal. Rather than buying a cabinet that's already made, you may want to work with cabinet makers to get a custom wine cabinet. Here are some features you may want to add:

Horizontal Storage

One of the reasons you need a custom wine cabinet rather than just any old cabinet is because you need to be able to store the wine horizontally. This is the safest position for long-term wine storage. It keeps the cork wet which ensures that it doesn't dry out and flake into wine.

Sliding Trays

The issue with horizontal storage, however, is that it can make it hard to see the labels on the wine bottle. So that you can always see what you have, you may want to talk with your cabinet maker about putting in sliding trays. That way you can pull out each shelf of wine, similar to how you pull out a drawer, and then, you can easily tell which bottle of wine you want.

Visible Display

Do you want to show off your wine? Then, you may want to talk with the cabinet maker about having a completely open display that consists of shelves or sliding trays. Similarly, if you want a door on your cabinet to protect the wine from dust, you may want glass doors.

On the other hand, if you don't want your wine display to be visible, you may want to talk with your cabinet maker about the alternative. You may want a cabinet that can be completely closed up. That can be a discreet way to store wine.

Additional Storage

In many cases, you may want a wine cabinet that holds more than just wine. A small drawer to hold bottle openers and other small accessories can be helpful. Additionally, you may want a spot to hang wine or champagne glasses so that they are close at hand.

A Chiller

If you are storing white wine, you may want a chiller integrated into your wine cabinet.You can keep that full of white wine at ideal temps or if you occasionally want to chill red wine, that can work as well. A chiller doesn't need to look like a mini fridge; it can be integrated into the wood design of your cabinet so that it looks beautiful and classy.

To get more ideas, contact a cabinet maker directly. They can help you customise a solution for your needs.