Are Walk-In Wardrobes Really Worth It?

When considering a remodelling project of your home that will involve your bedrooms, it is often tempting to stick to the current layout and maybe only slightly rearrange the configuration of the upper floor. However, shifting an internal wall to increase the size of one bedroom by taking space from a guest room or a bathroom is not necessarily the best use of the available area. All too often, bedrooms are increased in size only for the available space to be immediately taken up by free-standing wardrobes.

Instead, you should consider the merits of a walk-in wardrobe. After all, walk-in wardrobes can offer plenty of advantages beyond serving as a repository for your clothes. What makes walk-in wardrobes so beneficial?

Easier Organisation

Most walk-in wardrobe designs will have room for clothes to be hung at both sides and the back of the space. This is in contrast to most fitted wardrobes, for example, which only allow access from one side. This makes for much better organisation of your clothes. You might place winter clothes on one side and summer ones on another or put matching combinations of clothes together. Some people prefer 'his' on one side and 'hers' on the other, but it is up to you. The main point is to realise that a wardrobe you can walk into is much easier to keep clear of clutter and better laid out than any standard bedroom furniture.

Simpler Cleaning

Everyone needs to clean their wardrobe from time to time. With a traditional unit, you have to remove everything so you can dust, vacuum and wipe over the internal surfaces. With walk-in wardrobes, on the other hand, all you need to do is to get in with a vacuum cleaner and use its attachments to clean the floor, the racks and the shelves in minutes. It is simply so much easier to keep clean when you have sufficient space that you can stand in the middle to clean.

More Privacy

Choosing your clothes is often a personal thing that you might like to do with privacy from the rest of the household. If so, then a walk-in wardrobe will be for you. Simply attach a full-length mirror to the back of the wardrobe's door, and your walk-in wardrobe will instantly double up as a dressing room that you can try out different looks in. Not only will this offer greater levels of privacy when dressing, but you'll be able to find what you want much more quickly when compared to a stuffed free-standing wardrobe and an overflowing chest of drawers.