3 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Replacement Windows for Your Home

Replacing the windows in your home is not an everyday project. Since most homeowners only do so a few times throughout their lifetime, it's worth putting much thought and research into the process. Whether you're just replacing the glass or tearing down the entire windows and installing new ones, you need to avoid common mistakes that can leave you stuck with unpleasant windows. With this in mind, here are three of the popular mistakes you should be wary of before embarking on the project!

Choosing New Windows Based on Your Current Design

One mistake most people make is using their current window design to choose new windows. While this is not really a problem, it can leave you stuck with old-school-style windows when you had the chance to upgrade them. Thus, view a replacement project as a chance to explore new styles, designs and trends. Some ideas include the following:

  • Picture windows for letting in light and providing great views without being opened
  • Bay windows which feature a modern design and add visual interest to a room
  • Sliding windows as opposed to the traditional double-hung windows for bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms 
  • Sashless windows which are a sleek, chic version of double-hung windows

In addition to choosing different styles, you can also get new shapes such as oval, octagon and arches as well. This may require you to do some structural work, but it will go a long way in improving the visual appeal of your entire house!

Ignoring Energy Efficiency

Windows play a significant role in determining the energy efficiency of a home. Therefore, as you choose replacement ones, think about their energy efficiency. How will they contribute to reducing energy costs in your home? Or will the new windows be sources of heat loss? With this in mind, consider the following features when buying:

  • Double- or triple-glazed glass for maximum efficiency
  • Tinted windows that reduce the amount of solar radiation that gets into your home
  • Window frames with insulating features to reduce heat transfer
  • Low-E coating for extra energy efficiency

The right windows will not only save heating and cooling costs but also improve the comfort in your home.

Buying Based on Price Alone

High-quality windows can last a lifetime, but they are not cheap. Therefore, don't go to the window dealer with cost as the only determinant. Think of the issues discussed above. Don't just buy windows because your current ones are old. Base your purchase on quality, efficiency and reliability. Get quality glass that can stand some level of impact without shuttering. You may spend a little more than you anticipated, but the purchase will be worth it in the long run.

Buying replacement windows is an opportunity to revamp your entire space. Avoid these mistakes, which may leave you stuck with poor-quality windows whose sole reason is to provide natural light. Speak with a contractor about window replacement options.