A Few Quick Details You'll Want to Remember When Choosing Curtains For a Room

When choosing new curtains for any room, you might get a little overwhelmed with all your options, and may easily wind up with window treatments that just don't seem to work well with the space or with the room's overall decor. To ensure you find curtains that are perfect for any room of the home, note a few important details you'll want to remember before you make your selection.


If you want long curtains for a very large window, be careful of choosing a length that will pool at the bottom, meaning that the curtains spread out from the wall and form a semicircle on the floor in front of them. While this can make the curtains seem very grand and elegant, you also need to readjust the fabric every time you vacuum around those curtains, or your pet cat decides to nap on that pooled fabric! Only choose this length for curtains you know won't be touched very often, such as those in a formal dining room.

For shorter windows, be careful of curtains that extend past the sill, as these can seem out of proportion. You might opt for cafe curtains, which sit inside the window frame and leave the top part of the window exposed. The hem of the curtains will just graze the windowsill, making the curtains seem more proportionate to that smaller window.


When choosing the width of curtains, keep in mind that you may still want them to curve slightly when closed, rather than being pulled completely flat. To achieve this, the curtains needs to be wider than the window frames; consider a width that is half over again the width of the windows, or even more, so you have lots of folds and volume to the curtains when they're closed.


It's often recommended that you choose solid curtains when you have patterned upholstery or linens in a room. However, if you don't like the look of solid curtain panels, consider a subtle pattern that will offset other surfaces; don't try to match the pattern, but choose something completely opposite, as this will actually keep the curtains from clashing. As an example, if there is a floral pattern on the room's sofa, don't choose floral print curtains, but opt for a very subtle pinstripe. If the bedspread has large circles or the sofa has striped upholstery, choose floral curtains. By using an offsetting, subtle pattern, your curtains will coordinate and not clash with these other pieces.