Deciding the Best Type of Pool For Your Property

Before you decide on a new pool for your property, you want to ensure you take the time to shop around the different materials, sizes, and other such features that are available. Note a few tips on how to decide the best type of pool for your property, so you know you'll be happy with this investment and will enjoy many hours in your new pool every summer.

Mobility and lounging

One drawback of above-ground pools is that you need to climb a ladder to get in and out of the pool. If you're at a particular age where this might be difficult, or if you have very active children who might not be safe and careful on a ladder, opt for an in-ground pool instead. These are also a good choice for lounging poolside, as an above-ground pool would require you to build an extensive deck around the pool in order to relax in a lounge chair and enjoy the view of the water.

Speed of installation

If you're eager to get an in-ground pool installed quickly, concrete is not the best choice, as this material needs time to set and cure after being poured. Fibreglass is a better option; these pools are created in a factory and then shipped to your house, where they can be installed and used very quickly, often on the same day. Fibreglass pools come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and may have built-in steps and diving boards, so they can be a perfect choice for whatever your needs, and for enjoying your pool as quickly as possible.

Landscaping and other features

If your property has lots of lush landscaping that you don't want to remove before installing a pool, concrete might be the best option. Concrete can be poured into virtually any shape, so your pool designer can curve it around tall trees or any such feature on your property. This can allow you to create an actual oasis in your yard, rather than just having a plain pool and deck.


If you don't want to actually swim in your pool, you might consider what is called a plunge pool. This is an in-ground, concrete pool that is very short and narrow. This pool is only a few feet or meters long, and is good for soaking and relaxing. If your property is very small, if you don't have kids who would want to play in the pool, or if you don't want the upkeep of a large pool, consider a plunge pool for your space.