Avoid These Common Mistakes When Decorating a Very Large Room

Decorating a very large room has its challenges, as you want to fill the room without it seeming cluttered and busy. If you have a very large living room, bedroom, or other room in the home, note a few mistakes to avoid in decorating it and in arranging furniture, so the space looks and feels comfortable, and everything is proportionate to the room's size.

Putting furniture against walls

It can be a challenge to fill a large room while also keeping items as close together as necessary; for example, you don't want a sofa to be too far from the entertainment centre in the living room, or a chair to be too far from the bed in the bedroom. Putting furniture right up against the wall can make those pieces seem too distant, and make the room seem empty in the middle.

To avoid this, pull the sofa or chair away from the wall so the larger pieces are closer together. Put a sofa table behind the sofa and arrange some plants and pictures on it, so there is no "dead space" in that area. Put a plant or lamp behind the chair in the bedroom to fill out that space as well. By pulling pieces away from the wall like this, they're as close as necessary, and the room will seem more filled out and cosier.

Choosing all large pieces

When filling a large room with furniture, you may think that all those pieces should be oversized, to fill up the room. This can make the space look crowded, no matter its size. Instead, choose one or two large pieces; this can be a modular lounge and entertainment centre in the living room, and a bed and dresser in the bedroom. The other pieces in the room should be smaller in size and grouped around those pieces. This will fill in the space without having the furniture become imposing.

Completely filling it

You might assume that a large room should be completely full of furniture and decorative pieces, and may assume that any empty space is somehow unfinished. In truth, some empty space can help to accentuate the major furniture pieces in the room, so don't hesitate to leave one wall without furniture, or to leave some space between those large furniture pieces without adding a table or other accent furniture. Put some artwork on that wall that doesn't have furniture against it so it doesn't look too dull; otherwise, keep some space open and the room won't look cluttered and claustrophobic.