Elements Contributing to the Resilience of Plantation Shutters in Modern Home Design

When it comes to improvements that will enhance the visual interest and functionality of your living space, you likely do not prioritise upgrading your window furnishings. What most homeowners do is wait until their drapery has started to show signs of complete disrepair for them to begin shopping for new window treatments. However, if you are tired with how humdrum your interiors have started to look, a good place to start would be your window treatments since the right furnishings will not only improve the appeal of your living space but can also dramatically enhance the efficiency of your windows.

And one solution that has remained surprisingly relevant over the years is plantation shutters. Before you assume that these window dressings do not have a place in your home, consider the following elements contributing to the resilience of plantation shutters in modern home design.

Evolved style

Plantation shutters have been around for centuries. But what makes the old versions vastly different from their modern counterparts is their original style. Initially, plantation shutters comprised solid pieces of timber, as they were primarily utilised for security purposes. But this is vastly different from the current design of these window treatments. Over the decades, the style of these shutters has evolved to ensure they meet the modern-day homeowner's needs.

For starters, the integration of louvres allows one to control both sunlight and ventilation and this makes them ideally suited for Australian residences. Furthermore, the louvres also work to deflect raindrops without you having to close the shutters completely. So you can leave the windows open to get some relief from the humidity without having to be concerned about the precipitation.

Highly customisable

A good number of people have a distinct image of plantation shutters in their mind. As a result, they cannot imagine these window dressings can be tailor-made to complement the existing interior décor of their home. But this is grossly untrue. Plantain shutters are highly customisable, as you can choose to change a range of design elements. For starters, contrary to popular belief, you are not limited to solid wood supplies.

The advent of timber-like materials such as engineered wood offers you the luxurious feeling of this material without the arduous maintenance required to keep the plantation shutters in good condition. Additionally, you can pick any colour for the louvres, and this will help with complementing the accent colours in your living space while simultaneously adding visually interesting hues in the room when sunlight filters through. Overall, if you have a flexible customisation budget, you are free to experiment with the final appearance of these shutters.