Tips For Adding Shade Outside Your Home

There are many good reasons to add more shade outside your home. Firstly, doing so can help to protect your skin from the worst of the sun's rays. If you have more shade, then you will be exposed to less ultraviolet light, which can help to prevent skin damage. What's more, greater levels of shade around your home will produce less glare and help you to keep a more even body temperature. Shading outside also helps to lower the temperature inside, especially when the shade is cast over your house to cool both the exterior and the interior. What are the best ways of adding more shade to your property today?


Used all over Australia, awnings can be adjusted, which means that you can obtain just the right amount of shade that you need. Of course, this changes depending on what you are doing outside as well as the position of the sun. Therefore, one of the main advantages of an awning installation is that it means a great deal of adaptability is possible. Some awning makers even have automated control mechanisms that allow you to raise and lower your awning at the touch of a button, which is extremely convenient. What's more, given the modern fabrics that are now used with contemporary awnings, they can be used to cut out all of the sun's most harmful rays.


An architecturally pleasing choice, a pergola is a structure in your garden that can be used to add definition and to produce shade for you. Many people like to grow shade-making plants through the beams of their pergolas. However, you can also add fabric to them, which will generate even more shade and make your pergola more like an extra room in your garden. This is a stylish choice, but you cannot so easily adapt a pergola in the same way as an awning.

Shade Sails

These are devices that are often found in schools and playgrounds, but they also look fine in residential settings. Like pergolas, they cannot be moved once installed, but they are good at generating lots of shade at the most problematic times of the day, when the sun is at its highest point in the sky. Since they cannot be retracted, shade sails need to be reinforced if you live in a windy place, which is something to consider if your residence is at the top of a hill or close the coast, for example.