Why Choose Retractable Flyscreens for Your Home?

Most home windows are outfitted with standard removable aluminium screens for fresh air and protection from bugs and pests while the windows are open. However, there are some distinct advantages to having retractable flyscreens installed in your home, versus these standard window screens. Note a few of those advantages here, so you can ensure your home is always comfortable no matter the outside weather.

Smaller mesh

Window screens are typically meant to keep out flies and any type of flying insect, but many types of retractable flyscreens will have a smaller mesh than what is found on standard window screens. This smaller mesh can help to deter a number of other nuisances, including mosquitoes, gnats, fleas and other bugs that are smaller than flies, which can easily make their way through standard window screens.

A smaller mesh on flyscreens can also reduce the amount of dust, dirt or sand that makes its way into your home during a windstorm, and it may even help to block out rain! This allows you to keep the storm windows open even in inclement weather, so your home is more comfortable year round.

The smaller mesh of flyscreens can also provide more shade from hot summertime sun, something to consider for anyone living in a desert area or in the tropics. Since the screens are retractable, you can then also open them on shadier days, when you don't need as much protection from harsh sunlight.

Better ventilation

While any window screen will keep nuisances outside of your house, a retractable flyscreen will better allow you to remove smoke, dust, humidity and other bothersome irritants that are inside your house. If your kitchen fills with smoke or steam, or you're doing some renovating work that creates dust or bad odours, you can easily slide the flyscreens out of the way, opening up the windows completely. This allows those irritants to more readily escape the home's interior so rooms are more comfortable and even safer for breathing.


Many homeowners remove standard window screens in wintertime, so that the home's windows capture more heat, keeping the home's interior warmer. This can be a cumbersome task, especially for larger homes with lots of windows! However, a retractable flyscreen can simply be rolled up into its cassette so that it's out of the way during wintertime, without needing to remove and then reinstall the screens or find a safe place for them during those winter months.