Hello Clutter-Bugs? The Floor Isn't Storage Space for Clothes! How to Avoid The 'Floordrobe' In your Bedroom

If you're like most clutter bugs, you must be wondering why your clothes end up pilling on the floor rather than neatly folded or hanged in a wardrobe. It must be the laws of gravity and not anything to do with you being tired or just untidy, can it?

For whatever reasons, your bedroom floor is half your storage, here are a few tricks to keep you from reverting to your old, messy ways.

Stick to a small bedroom chair

If you struggle with the habit of dumping your clothes on a chair at the end of the day, then a smaller chair will encourage you to keep the pile at a minimum.

A large bedroom chair is likely to become home to layers of your discarded clothes while a smaller chair will only take so much before it forces you to tidy up.

How about a storage bed?

The space under the bed can help you combat your tendency to store clothes on your bedroom floor. A bed with a built-in deep, wide drawer that pulls out to reveal a tempting storage will help you keep your bedroom tidy.

Hello storage shelves

A simple shelve could be all you need to keep your bedroom floor from turning into a jumble sale stall! Other than storing books, you can use bookshelves to store shoes, bags, and jewelry.  Since a bookshelf acts more like a display case, it will help keep your items neatly ordered.

Add a trunk

Replace that bench at the foot of your bed that has become a permanent drop zone for tossed-off clothes with a storage truck. A storage trunk has a double duty since it gives you a place to sit while you put on your shoes or wrestle with your skinny jeans and a place to toss in anything you don't want to fold.  This will help keep your floor space uncluttered.

The majestic open wardrobe

Sometimes the effort of opening wardrobe doors is simply too much after a tiresome day. Just like bookshelves, open wardrobes will help your bedroom storage stay organised. Although wardrobes are all about storage, open plan wardrobes are all about aesthetics which will help you channel your organised assistant and store your clothes in a neat stack.

Get hook clever

Hooks are probably the quickest and the easiest way to keep that floordrobe from growing. You can use hooks to store scarves, belts, nightgowns and stray clothing items that would otherwise land on the floor.